Artistically Inspired Storyteller

Nick and Jessica– Shadows Ranch, Georgetown

Last weekend, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to shoot with one of my favorite photographers (and friend!)– Susan Pacek!  We zipped on up to Georgetown to shoot a Wedding at Shadows Ranch.  The place is really unique and had beautiful grounds!  There is actually a little area where there are actual Wolves!  I am not sure the story behind this, whether they are rescued or what, but they have a great little habitat there–and it makes for some great Cocktail hour chat!  Who knew that I could shoot Wildlife photography and a Wedding all at once!

Nick and Jessica are both in the Airforce, so it was neat to be able to photograph their wedding because Nick wore his traditional “suit” (not sure what it is called!) for the event–which is always cool to see!  One of the unique features about their wedding, and the event venue, was that they walked out onto a wooden plank/raft right from the Ceremony Gazebo, where they pushed off out onto a little lake together and enjoyed some Champagne and kisses!

After the cocktail hour on the deck, guests proceeded into the dining area, which reminded me of a little Fairy land!  There are little twinkling lights adorning all the walls and ceiling, and little remnants of old antiques, watercolor paintings, and a tented ceiling topped it off!  It made for a very cozy atmosphere!  As a emotional end to Dinner, Nick and Jessica presented the bouquet to the couple that had been married the longest, which was Jessica’s grandparents.  I think about every person in the room cried when Jess’s Grandpa spoke…..hats off to you guys!  what a great idea!

After sneaking a piece of their Red Velvet cake, we were on our way back to Denver…..what a beautiful day!  Enjoy the images!


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