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Krista and Jeremy- Cheyenne Mountain Resort- June 11th, 2011

I was very excited to shoot this wedding with Tamara Murphy, as we did their engagement shoot together back in the Winter– so it was nice to sort of come full circle with the couple!

Krista looked absolutely gorgeous, and they got married at Cheyenne Mountain Resort, which is in Colorado Springs, and is a fantastic venue!  Not only was the actual establishment landscaped beautifully, and had views to kill, but the staff was amazing!!

We had a lot of fun getting some shots of the wedding party and such throughout the grounds….Waterfalls, poolside, steep hillsides, etc!  I had one of the Groomsmen tell me it was the most dangerous photo shoot he had ever seen!

The ceremony was breath-taking as it overlooked the grand Mountain views just to the west.  The weather held out, and everything went perfect!

There were a few very emotional moments during the night, as the brides Father has Alzheimer’s, and we will just leave it at that.  He was there and walked her down the aisle though…and I definitely caught some moments of him really enjoying himself at the reception!  Krista’s brother did the first dance with her–and at the same time they had a slideshow playing of them with their dad growing up.  There was not a dry eye in the house I don’t think.  It was very touching and heart-wrenching at the same time.

The DJ had a few games up his sleeve–one in which unveiled some pretty funny moments of different guys portraying different styles of dancing (i.e. River dance, Male Model, Elvis, etc….)–made a few good laughs!  Again, Krista’s brother really tore it up as a Irish River Dancer!

Thanks for letting me be a part of your day!!  It was a beautiful wedding!


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