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Baby Cayden– June 15th, 2011

I had the opportunity to shoot this BEAUTIFUL little boy a few weeks ago!  Cayden is truly a miraculous little guy–and just the cutest thing you have ever seen!  He was about 7 months, I believe, in these pictures!

Cayden has a bit of a story to his short little life already!  He was born very early–and has already been quite a little fighter!  He is doing Fantastic now–and even got to be off of his oxygen for our shoot!  You would never know he even needed it–he did so great for our pictures–and really is a beautiful, photogenic little guy!!

I do fine that babies this age are a bit more of a challenge to shoot– as it is kind of an “in between” stage….they are not Newborn anymore, but can’t quite sit up yet to do other poses and such.  I was at a similar stage with my own boys just recently–and I noticed that the number of pictures I was taking at home decreased as well!  I think that we got some really cute ones of Cayden though!  It was not hard at all to take a cute picture of him!

Thank you Christa and Jason for allowing me to photograph your son and be a part of documenting this stage in life!  I had a great time and look forward to doing more pictures of him and your other son in the future!



Oh my god...I LOVE this picture!!!


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