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Becca and Ryan– Terrace Gardens at Dove Valley– June 12th, 2011

I had a double-header Wedding weekend with my fellow friend and Photographer, Tamara Murphy (, a few weekends ago; and our 2nd wedding was a very pleasant affair at the Terrace Gardens in Dove Valley.  This venue is a very nicely landscaped establishment, and has a nice big, airy, room for the reception with a great size Dance floor and such– but I have to admit I was very surprised at the location!  It is sort of tucked away in a business park….Nevertheless, it was a beautiful venue and made for some great pics!

Becca was a very laid back bride–and extremely easy to photograph and work with!  As was her hubby–Ryan!  These 2 really seemed genuinely happy to just be getting married to each other that day–and their love was very apparent!  The bride’s sister had 2 little adorable daughters that were the flower girls– and Becca and Ryan were so at ease with these little ones, and it seemed that parenthood for them will be a very natural transition!

There were a few guests (and the Bestman) that could really cut a rug!  It was extremely entertaining!  It made me miss my husband… he usually gets down pretty good at weddings!  This weekend I have been experimenting a bit with some off-camera flash to get some new “effects” for dancing pictures, etc… far I have caught some really cool moments, and some not so magical!  Thus, the beauty of digital, and the beauty of constantly learning and challenging yourself.

Thanks for letting me be a part of the day, and the opportunity to second shoot this great day Tamara!

Couldn't resist this picture....classic.

They were so cute....

They did some quality Cake smashing!! Love it!

Luckiest guy in the room.....

Garter Toss

This guy could seriously get down. He was pretty much entertaining everyone while dancing alone on the dancefloor!


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