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Sara and Brian– The Club at Pradera– June 25th, 2011

All I can say about this couple is “WOW”.  They were ridiculously beautiful–it was like shooting Barbie and Ken! 😉  Seriously though, they were very sweet people and planned a spectacularly beautiful event at an amazing venue!  It is a Golf club outside of Castle Pines/Castle Rock called the Pradera–and it made for some stunning views!  They used D Bar for their Cake, and Newberry Brother’s for their flowers–and both were spectacular!  I knew both of these vendors from my days as a Catering Manager for Hyatt– so I knew they would do a great job!

The clouds came over perfectly for the ceremony–which was good because it was quite bright before that!  They did their dancing out on the patio–which was a nice change of scenery than taking pics inside a ballroom.  The Sunset that day was gorgeous, and we were able to steal the couple away for a while to get some amazing shots!  Again, it was impossible to take a “bad” picture of these 2!

The bride and her Father had a special relationship, so I got quite a few shots of her and her dad with a lot of emotion–those always make for some of my favorite pics!

I must give props to their Wedding coordinator–April (and I don’t have her last name–sorry April!)–she was fantastic and super fun to work with!  All in all, it was a spectacular wedding, and judging from the toasts and conversations–these two have some fantastic family and friends to support their new life together!  congrats guys!




Love the emotion on Brian's face in this picture



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