Artistically Inspired Storyteller

Miss Landri

I had an awesome weekend spending time with one of my best friends and her 5.5 month old daughter, Landri!  They live in Nebraska, so this is the 1st time I got to meet little Landri–and boy was she just a doll!!  My 2 little boys are going to fight over her when they get older!

We went up to Lyons one day to visit my mom and I got to take some snapshots of Landri— she was just so hilarious– laughing and making silly faces the whole time!

I thought a few of these were blog-worthy for sure!  there is a little Re-run (used) store in lyons, and they had this little tiny shopping cart…so of course I could not resist putting Landri in it and getting some shots!  My poor kids….they are going to be put in silly photo poses the rest of their life….they just have no idea…..


All the strollers waiting to get "washed"! I thought this was so cute!

My little dudes....just had to add this photo too!

I used my new lens, a "lensbaby", for this shot. I think it has a cool effect!

Aren't they beautiful!?


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