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Natalie and Colby- July 16th, 2011-Red Lion Restaurant-Boulder, CO

A couple of weeks ago I was able to shoot a wedding with my friend, Tamara Murphy ( again, and it was a beautiful occasion!  It was at the Red Lion Restaurant in the boulder Canyon–which I was excited to go to again because that is where my husband and I had our 1st Anniversary dinner 5 years ago!  It is such a quaint, unique, and beautiful place– and they have a great setup for Ceremonies and Receptions!

The bride chose a myriad of Blue and Yellow colors, and they were seen in all of her lovely centerpieces, and my fav, the Chinese Paper Lanterns that adorned the ceiling of the Reception Tent!  They had a gorgeous ceremony, and the rain held out!  At one point, the guests were covering their heads with their programs, and I had to bust out my waterproof gear for my camera (which I couldn’t figure out how to get on anyway…), but then the sun broke through!  Don’t you love Colorado!?

We weren’t able to get right down on the river (they have a cool little path), because it was flooded from all the crazy rain we had been having.  We managed to get some really cute shots of the couple though!  Probably the thing that I was most excited about was that they did SPARKLERS at the end of the night as they made their exit!  I had never had a chance to shoot sparklers–so it was a great learning experience for sure!  (FYI—when you spell a word with a sparkler, and try to capture it on camera, you have to write each letter backwards…..)

One other thing that I was experimenting with this wedding was my new fun little lens, called a “Lensbaby Muse”.  It is a creative portrait lens that gives a blurred effect around the “sweetspot” of focus.  It is tricky to get the hang of, but I think it makes for some fun shots!

Great wedding!  Enjoy the pics!

Waiting for his Bride.....

Proud Mama!

Reading vows....hard to hold back the tears!

Again, experimenting with my new lens!

Just precious.

YES! I love the people that smash cake!

Mom watching her husband and daughter dance....

So cute. Mom and son! What do you think she was telling him?

LOVE this picture--so much going on!

1st experiment!

Notice the backwards "e"...good stuff!


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  1. Tara

    As always, gorgeous photos, Jenae!

    August 6, 2011 at 1:30 PM

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