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Baby Harper– Newborn Photography– 9.5.11

I spent time on Labor day photographing a beautiful baby girl named Harper!!  She was so precious and was a perfect baby for her photo shoot.  She was 4 days old– which is perfect for Newborn pictures, they are so sleepy still, and let you really do whatever you want with them!

Her mommy was actually a friend of mine– so it was nice to be able to capture these memories for a friend!  This was also my first couple that was game to “hang” the baby in a scarf (which I have been wanting to try)–and I think it turned out awesome!

Thank you Marianna and Wade for letting me be a part of your precious little-one’s first moments!  Enjoy the pics!


One response

  1. Anne S.

    I like the scarf thing, organic looking, like Robinson Crusoe’s baby.

    September 10, 2011 at 10:39 PM

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