Artistically Inspired Storyteller

Amity Newes– Newborn Photography–9.8.11

For my 2nd Newborn shoot of last week– I got to spend the afternoon with an adorable little girl named Amity!  This precious little one was actually almost 2 weeks old (I believe), but she was still so petite and sweet!  She was more awake than a newborn that is only a few days old– so we decided to shoot a bit more photo-journalistically, and try to just capture her that way— and try out a few poses to see if they work!

We started off our shoot by giving her a bath– and like most newborns–it was not her favorite thing!  (I promise that will change though!;)  She had such a sweet little angelic face–and just pursed her little lips and was just taking in the world with her big beautiful eyes!

We tried a few poses out and got a few shots of her sleeping– but I think I prefer the images of her crying and testing out those lungs actually! 😉  I set out to capture the “moments” of the day– and I think it was a successful shoot!

Enjoy the pics!


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