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The Green Runway Fashion Show– 9.30.11– Boulder Theater

Wow!!  All I can say about this event is “wow”.  I am so glad that I got to be a part of this fantastic event– and for such a great cause as well!

In order to sum up the best description of what this event was about, I am stealing it from the Theater’s website:

“A theatrical fashion show dedicated to localizing Boulder’s energy future. For 70 minutes, a union of local and Telluride volunteers will model eco-friendly fashion in choreographed dance routines strung together by a seamless, fast-paced beat that communicates the influence of energy efficiency.”

Well Said.

Following the show was live music by Electro Dance Band, Lance Herstrong, as well as a live Auction, a trunk show, and vacation steals! Everyone worked so hard for this event– and the models/dancers/choreographers/directors/producers/volunteers/Theater Staff, etc…..did a fantastic job!!!

I had a blast– and look forward to being able to photograph an event like this again!  Thank you to my friend Abbey Smith– Producer of the show– and asked me to be a part!  Great job!  Oh, I also had a fantastic Cuban Sandwich at the grill/bar connected to the Theater– so if you are ever at a show there– just know that the Cuban Sandwich is a wise choice.

Here are a few of my favorite shots—



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