Artistically Inspired Storyteller

Family Fun in the Sun!– Family Photography– Windsor, CO– 10.2.11

What a beautiful family!  I had so much fun hanging out with an old friend of mine, and her charismatic little kiddos!  Elliot, Cameron, and Drew, were such fantastic little models!  I actually think that Elliot (oldest daughter) has Photography in her future….she was so cute pointing out all kinds of things for me!  they were also a great help in carrying my Reflector!

I absolutely love the photos of them running through the tall grass…..they turned out so contemplative.  I do like to contemplate me some things once and a while…. 😉

I am a real proponent of not using a huge amount of post-processing on my photos (although I have come to accept that it is the “digital Darkroom”, and it is part of the process of an image!)…..other than a switch to Black and White/Aged Photo-look, and some sharpening/contrast…..but once and a while I really enjoy the look of some of the more “artsy-fartsy” techniques that can be applied.  I believe the true art of an image is the composition and content….but adding a little”pop” of something different sometimes really gives an image a new feel!  Thus, you will always see a few of these type of images in my galleries!  I guess it is my way of giving a different perspective on an image…..


Love, love, love....


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