Artistically Inspired Storyteller

Jaime and Brad– Engagement Photography– Nederland, CO– 10.6.11

I am so glad this shoot ended up happening!!  Jaime really wanted to get some pics with the Aspen trees changing, so we hurried to pick a date– and then we ended up moving it back ONE day, and the weather on the original date was absolutely gorgeous……and then our new date turned out to be a classic Fall day in Colorado….Snowing, spitting rain, sunny.  As we pulled up to Nederland area, I saw the huge black clouds coming over the hill, and I knew we only had a very short time until it was snowing….and sure enough, the flakes began to fall!  We pulled over and managed to get a few shots before it was real blizzard–(you can see snowflakes in the 1st picture), and then, true to Colorado weather, it cleared up a bit and the sun actually peeked through!  So glad!!

Thus– it was an unpredictable day– but I think we got some great shots!  Jaime and Brad were super fun to work with–and I hope to see them again on their Wedding Day!  They also had their little dog with them, Wilson, that was a great little model as well! So cute.

Enjoy the Fall colors!


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