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Close Family– Family Photography– 12.10.11

So….this post will have a few more pictures because it is my brother and his family!  I just can’t resist my little niece!!  Isn’t she a DOLL!?  My sister in law is pregnant as well– so I can’t wait to take photos of my new little nephew in a few months!!

We headed outside to get some shots– but it was so darn bright with that sun and the snow!!  It can be a bit tricky lighting in my opinion.  I know that you can just place them in shade and use fill flash….but I am not a huge fan of the look of fill flash if it is the main source of light on their faces.  As usual, I don’t take super “normal” looking pics (whatever that means I guess…)….but I think we captured the spirit of the afternoon!

Had fun guys!  Thanks for asking me to capture these moments for you!!

Listening to her baby brother!!

beautiful family!

mommy and daughter 😉

love this pic

Giving baby brother a kiss!!


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