Artistically Inspired Storyteller

Godaire Family– Family Photography–12.11.11

Oh man….what a beautiful family!  I was stoked to head up to Evergreen for this family shoot– and it was a beautiful day!!  It happened to be the little one’s 1st birthday too!  She is just so precious….I can’t really take it!

They wanted to get some pics from the top of this little trail near their beautiful home as well….so we trekked up a little trail…..and I realized how fantastically out of shape I am!  wow.  I was thankful to get outside and do something I love, while doing the job that I love!!  Thank you!!

Enjoy the pics– I think they are just precioso!  (That is spanish for “precious”)  😉

Now that's a Christmas Card! All 4 looking at camera!!! 😉


Those lips!! so cute!

I love my job

love love love

Again! All 4 looking!! we rock!


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