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Fitness Fun!– Professional Portfolio Photography– 12.22.11

I was asked to do a type of shoot I have never done before (technically)– and I was psyched about it!  Bridget is a Personal Trainer in the Lakewood area, and she asked me to do some “workout” images of her for her website!

We were planning on heading out to Red Rocks to get some really cool images with the snow ans the Red color of the rocks…with her planking in random spots, etc….but it just happened that it snowed a good 16 inches in Lakewood the night before–and was way too cold!!  boo!

So we decided to just do the pics in her in-home workout gym– which made sense because that is where she trains her clients.  It was a bit challenging– but I think there are some real cool images!  I got to use my Video-light for a spot as well– so I was excited about that!

If you need a personal trainer in the Lakewood area– let me know and I will pass on her info!  The pictures of her tummy will make you want to work with her for sure! 😉


One response

  1. Christa

    Great shots, Jenae! Love the one of the bicep curl. Bridget, you look amazing and you inspire me to get there some day!

    December 31, 2011 at 11:25 AM

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