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Landscape Nostalgia– Landscape and Personal Post

I have lately been feeling a gut wrenching urge to get out and do some of my favorite types of photography– Nature, Landscape, and travel.  Not saying that I do not LOVE and feel fortunate that I have been busy doing all of my other categories of Photos— (thank you all!)— but I must say that I dearly miss being in the outdoors– seeing the world– and being out in my “church”.  It is my solitude for sure.

Now, I don’t have any huge trips or plans of grandeur to fulfill this desire anytime soon– aside from possibly some early morning shots around Denver here, etc.  So, I got to thinking about some of my old pictures I have taken in the last couple years– and some of my favorites– and daydreaming a bit on re-visiting them all!  So I thought I would share them here on my blog– and maybe spark some dreams and and feelings of contentment in any of you!

I promise to have more posts like these in the near future– I just miss it too much!!


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