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Silly Scott!– Portrait and Headshot Photography– Denver 1.20.12

This guy was hilarious!  We headed out on a sunny afternoon last week to get some headshots/portraits for Scott in the Downtown area.  We were planning on capturing his “Blue Steel” look– but in the end we forgot because we were so busy getting great shots! 😉

It’s always nice to just get out in the fresh air on a nice afternoon– and meet a great new person!  The sun is always a double-edge sword for me– because I love shadows and blue sky, and am not a fan of having to use a lot of flash to fill because of a bright sky– but it is a must in some situations.  So….I guess the double-edge to that, is that I love it, but it’s not my favorite type of lighting to shoot in for headshot type portraits.  Really “artsy” shoots– where even-lighting isn’t a total necessity?  Then I love it!  Make sense?  Eh…oh well.

Either way– had a great time– and I think they turned out great!  Thanks for the fun afternoon Scott!

Not Scott... but I just thought this was a cool picture. Beautiful garments!



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