Artistically Inspired Storyteller

Lily and Zackery— Attack of the super cute babies! — Newborn and Baby Photography– 3.18.12

These little cousins were just too freakin’ cute.  I have to admit, they were both at “typically” a bit challenging ages— 1 month and 4 months— but they did a great job– and posed like perfect little boogers!  1 Month is often a challenge because they are out of that real “newborn” stage of just sleeping and eating (and more pliable!)– and 4 months is because they aren’t a newborn anymore….but aren’t quite sitting up– so how to “pose” them– can get creative!  In all reality though….neither age is “challenging”— as I am photographing sweet little happy babies!!! So….I guess my explanation of a challenging day at work is all relative! 😉

I just love how these images turned out– and they really were such cute, sweet little ones— it was a pleasure getting to spend the morning with them!  Enjoy the cuteness you are about to ensue…….


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