Artistically Inspired Storyteller

Little Lex has arrived!– Newborn and Baby Photography– 3.26.12….and a few Deep Thoughts……

I had the great pleasure of doing an amazing photo session with this sweet little peanut!  Lex was a perfect size and age (4 days old) for these shoots– and was so cooperative!  He really did a wonderful job!  The best part of this session was that it was for one of my oldest friends!  I have know Lex’s mom since I was 18 months old— and she and I have been friends our entire lives– so there is was a little something “special” to this shoot… was so cool to see one of my “sister’s” become a mommy!  She is doing a fantastic job as well!  Even though I still have young toddler twins at home….and you would think that taking pictures of babies when I am getting a “break” from my babies would  get redundant….I LOVE IT!  I am always amazed at the miracle of life– and how tiny and precious new little babies are!  I forget how fragile they little they are….it’s so cool to see the beginning of a person’s life.

I used to think that “posing” in photography was not my style….I was a “photojournalist”.  However, I have come to realize that even though I do believe that I shoot primarily photojournalistically (shoot for emotion, candid shots, etc), I truly enjoy and appreciate the Art of creating a perfectly (in my mind anyway…) “posed” image.  Whether this is a baby carefully hanging in a scarf, a beautiful head shot with the perfect head tilt, or the contrast of a bride in the middle of the desert….I created this picture….I had this idea….and though it may not be a perfectly candid image that makes Photojournalism such a phenomenon….it is a beautiful and dynamic piece of Art.  I am starting to appreciate a wider variety of Photographer’s skill and style…rather than only those types that I thought inspired the journalistic side in me….

Deep thoughts.

Enjoy the pics!  I had a hard time only picking a handful…it was a great shoot!


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