Artistically Inspired Storyteller

Baby Eli was ready for his closeup!– Newborn and Baby Photography– 4.15.12

This little bug was just too cute…. (really though…when AREN’T they so cute when they are this tiny! 😉 I had the opportunity to photograph baby Eli last week, and he did just fantastic!  Mom and Dad were very patient and did great too! (Even though Dad got peed on and pooped on numerous times!  Just a day in the life of a parent with a Newborn…)

This was one of those shoots that I love too because it was a friend from way back in High school– and we chatted again via Facebook, and I was able to do her baby’s pics!  I was pretty stubborn about NOT doing Facebook for so long…but I have to appreciate it for it’s positive attributes as of late!

Thank you Jen for asking me to document this precious time in your life– I am honored!

Enjoy looking at these cute little snapshots– and enjoy your day! 😉


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