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Megan and Drew a.k.a Cutest couple EVER!– Engagement Photography– 3.27.12

I was asked to come along with a friend and fellow photographer– Art Heffron (– to capture some engagement photos of this fantastic couple!  Not only were they just the absolute nicest, genuine, super in love couples I have ever met— but they have also kicked some serious BUTT for their wedding!!  If you are familiar, Denver did a version of “The Amazing Race” in the Highlands this year– but it was geared towards Weddings– and the winning couple pretty much got their whole wedding paid for!  different vendors throughout the city donated their services for this event– and it sounded pretty sweet!  So many fantastic winnings for not only the winning couple– but the runners up as well.

Anyway– here are your WINNERS!!!  I couldn’t name any couple that seemed to “deserve” it more than them!  I just fell in love with them!  Good luck to you guys– and nice work on winning the race!

(Shoot took place up near Boettcher Mansion, Golden CO)


(inside joke about the Pinecone 😉


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