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Jaime and Brad are Married!~ Black Canyon Inn, Estes Park, CO~ 8.18.12

I really can’t say enough about how much I loved this wedding!  First off– I love the couple!  Jaime and Brad are 2 of the sweetest and FUN people to be around!  They are so cute together as well– and will make a fantastic married couple!  The only thing that was missing was their sweet little Poochie– Wilson (Dogs were not allowed at the venue)….good thing we got him in the Engagement pics though!

They tied the know at the ridiculously gorgeous venue of the Black Canyon Inn, in Estes Park.  The ceremony takes place in a tall wooden and Stone Pavilion that overlooks the entire Lumpy Ridge (Rocky Mountains) and MacGregor Ranch area… is breath-taking!  I honestly found that many of my images almost looked FAKE– because the backdrop was so inspiring!  Just beautiful.  It was a gorgeous day as well– complete with a Colorado blue sky, and fluffy white clouds scattered perfectly!  It was a great combination of “Sun” shots, and then a moment of clouds to allow for a more diffused shot.

After the Ceremony, the Cocktail hour and Reception took place just behind the Pavilion, at the Twin Owls Steakhouse.  Cocktail hour was out on the grassy knoll, and then we headed inside for a perfectly Modern Rustic Reception!  The Twin Owls steakhouse is such a beautifully charming venue as well– it is constructed of dark logs, and adorned with dangling rustic chandeliers and large inviting windows!  It is also complete with an overlooking balcony to the main room, which also serves as extra seating!  Now, not only was the venue itself inviting, but Jaime did such a fantastic job with all her Details!  The flowers were simply amazing (Wildflower assortments), the wooden and vase centerpieces, the custom artwork on each table, the amazing CAKE and cupcakes (wow!), the individual bottles of “Ah love Oil” as favors, the guestbook signing “tree”, the single flower inside each Napkin (Which I hear all the Groomsmen and Brad set out– good work guys!)…..just simply fantastico!  I just loved her style though too…so I’m sure I am a bit biased! 😉
Some of my favorite moments of the night were the Cake cutting surprise (Maid of Honor and Best Man got a mouth-full!), the Compatibility quiz, and the Brides Brother’s speech.  of course, I always love the Father/Daughter dance as well, but this one was even more memorable– her mom came out to join them, and then so did Brad!  It was too cute.  This was a partying group as well!!  We got a ton of great dancing photos because this crew could get down!  I really enjoyed hanging out with them as well– had a great time!  We ended the night with the ballad-to-end-all-ballads….”Don’t Stop Believin”……a Wedding staple.

On a personal note– not sure that I will do all collages on my next wedding post…I sometimes like the large picture best! 😉  Some of these collages had weird borders that I just noticed as well….dang it!!  Well…next time…I will figure it out!

Awesome day guys!  I am so happy that I got to be a part of it–thank you!  Cheers!
Oh!  There are few images in this post that belong to my fabulous assistant that day– Belle!  Thank you for a great job!


One response

  1. Susannah

    YAY! Love the photos from such an awesome wedding! Great job capturing the perfect day!

    September 18, 2012 at 3:57 PM

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