Artistically Inspired Storyteller

Baby McCartney~Newborn Photography~Greeley, CO

Baby McCartney is here!!  What a sweet, beautiful little girl she is too (hard to not be with her knock-out parents!)!  She was less than a week old in these pictures– which is a perfect time for Newborn photography!  I was excited to try a new hat I had bought recently– and she looked so cute in it! 😉

I had a blast hanging out with them and meeting little McCartney, and especially hanging out with big sister Lennon—aka my assistant— she is a hoot!!  We did experience a bit of jealousy though when Lennon wanted to get in the way of the camera when I was photographing McCartney— to be expected! 😉  She will be a great big sissy though!
I look forward to seeing much more of this beautiful family as they grow!  Thank you for including me in this special time for you guys!!

Enjoy the pics!


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