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Close Family~ Family Photography~ Morrison, Colorado

It was a beautiful fall morning to take family pictures in Morrison! A little brighter than I usually like to shoot in– but I really liked all the sun and pretty colors that came through! I was honored to get to do this session (well..I always am…)– because it was my cousin and his beautiful family!  I have not seen them in years– and I actually met up with his wife randomly without even realizing who she was for a while!  It is a small world!  Once we connected the dots– I was glad to be back in touch with them!

We were scheduled to shoot the night before— but the weather was rainy– so we thought we would see if we could do the morning instead– so here we are!  this is a really pretty and quiet little park right outside the main street in Morrison– called Morrison Park.  The fall colors were still not completely gone– beautiful!

Great to see your beautiful family guys!  Thank you for asking me to capture the day for you!

It was so bright!!

Love this grandpa moment!


beautiful family! 😉


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