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Beautiful Kayla with her mama and daddy!~ Colorado Family Photography~ Morrison, CO

This is the 2nd time I had the chance to photograph miss Kayla (1st time was her newborn shoot!  Time flies!), and she is growing up to be just the most beautiful and sweet little girl.  Although– it is not hard to see where she gets her cuteness!  both her parents are little lookers as well!  Sheesh you guys!  Makin’ my job too easy!

We headed up to Lair o’ the Bear park just past Morrison,  which is fast becoming my new favorite spot for pictures!  However– I was not the only one that thought that day was a good one– I literally saw about 10 other photographers!  It was such an amazingly beautiful Fall day in Colorado– and the colors were just finishing up– just perfect.

I had a blast with you guys!  Sorry about Kayla’s little finger! (she managed to pick up a little piece of glass and get a nice little cut!)  Can’t wait to see how she grows this next year!  Thank you for asking me to capture these moments for you– it is always an honor!


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