Artistically Inspired Storyteller

Williamson Family~ Denver Family and Toddler Photography~ Broomfield, CO

I just recently had the pleasure of doing Harper’s 1 year old photography session, but I was happy that I got to come back so quick to do some of their family pictures for Holiday cards!

It is that weird time of year here in Colorado, where it is still nice out, but the leaves are all pretty much done changing, and the brown-ness (I just made that up) of old man Winter is upon us…..ugh.  However– the tree and leaves in the Williamson back yard were lookin’ better than anywhere I scouted out around their house– so that is what we did!  Simple and beautiful!  Love that.

Here are a few shots for our session (a few of the “behind the scenes” type shots too– always some of my favs)!  Here we come Winter!  (I do have a few more session before the snow comes– let’s do this!!)


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