Artistically Inspired Storyteller

Michael Family~ Family Photography~ Castle Rock, CO

I love this little family!  I was lucky enough to get to do little Clive’s Newbron pictures last year– and they were some of my favs– so I was so excited to get to do the whole family!  We met up in Castle Rock for some “urban” location pics.  As I have mentioned, this time of year is so weird in Colorado…it could be a beautiful, Gold, fall weather day– or a brown and cloudy mess!  This is why I prefer to do more of a broken-down building/urban feel for the backdrops this time of year.  Once the leaves are gone– and the snow is not yet here– it’s time to get those creative juices going!
These little guys were such good boys– and even sat there and waited while I got a few pics of just mom and dad!  I just adored the way you could tell this family really loved each other though– we just had fun– and the kiddos were just genuinely happy dudes.  Love it!
thank you guys for letting me capture these wonderful times for you– they grow so fast!  I had a blast hanging out!

Just a boy watchin’ a train….


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