Artistically Inspired Storyteller

Maternity Bliss~ Maternity Photography~ Lakewood, CO

Oh my!!  What a seriously beautiful mama-to-be!  I was super excited to do this shoot for a few reasons….the first being that Natalie is a great friend of mine!  I am so excited for them, and can’t wait to meet little TJ!  Secondly, I was really looking forward to going up to Red Rocks and getting some really pretty outdoor shots!  Low and behold, Natalie had never been to Red Rocks (!!!??), so we killed 2 birds with one stone!

We started the shoot in doors at my home in Lakewood with some intimate Maternity portraits…which turned out fantastic!  I am not posting these….out of respect for Natalie.  However, there is one little teaser as the 1st pic.  After that, we headed up to Red Rocks, and just caught the last few rays of light before ending the shoot with a lot of “dusk” shots!  Just beautiful Natalie….thank you for being such a great model and spending the afternoon with me!  Can’t wait to do TJ’s Newborn photos soon!



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