Artistically Inspired Storyteller

Matero Family~ Family and Toddler Photography~ Chautauqua Park, Boulder, CO

I had a super lucky weekend with cute 1 year old’s recently, and Liam was my perfect little model #2!  I distinctly remember thinking the shoot would be over in 25 minutes becasue he was being so good and cute…it was going so fast  (this is a rarity for most kids…especially a 1 year old!!)  WE kept up our adventure through Chautauqua park snapping pics in the park, and then in the field at the base of the Flatirons.  It was a beautiful day, but the wind picked up a bit, and then when the sun went behind the mountain (before 4 o’clock this time of year!!)– it got a bit dreary— but you wouldn’t know it from these adorable moments!  After that, we headed over to The Hill area in Boulder, just to snap a few urban looking photos!

Great job guys!  I love your little family– and Liam is growing up so cute (and so fast!)!  Until our next adventure….


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