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Family Fun at Glenmere Park!~ Greeley, CO~ Greeley Outdoor Family Photographer

I actually was asked to do this shoot a few weeks back…and it just dawned on me that I never did a blog post!  Silly me!  In total work mode before the busy season hits in a couple weeks!

This is one of my very loyal clients, (and friend!) extended family that was here for a little reunion around Easter…and she asked if I would come get some pictures of them all together!  So, we went outside to Glenmere Park in Greeley (which is a gorgeous park!)– and even though the weather was not superb, and it is not the most beautiful time of year for portraits– it worked out great!  It also meant that I go to take pictures of little Kayla again….which is so fun because she is seriously one of the cutest little kiddos EVER!

They played soccer a bit, (Tiff and I used to play soccer together in High School…but I was too busy snapping photos to jump in this time!), played at the Park, and walked around the lake to get some cool shots of everyone!  It was a very relaxed and fun experience….authentic to who they are, candid, and just capturing their moments…what I love to do!  Enjoy!

family playing soccer during portraits at Glenmere Park

girl playing on playground smiling at camera wearing yellow in Colorado

family swinging on swings at Glenmere Park

cute baby boy looks at camera while grandma holds him outdoors in colorado

young girl stops swinging to look at camera while wind blows hair

One of my favs….absolutely am obsessed with this picture.

smiling couple at playground in greeley colorado

toddler girl stands at the top of slide while looking at camera smiling at Greeley Park

Seriously…you really don’t get cuter than this little munchkin! She is turning out to be a little Daredevil like her daddy too!

grandma with all her grandchildren sitting against tree at glenmere Park

cousins sit at top of slide as they smile at camera into beautiful lighting in Colorado

family sitting in grass for portrait at glenmere park in greeley colorado

dad and baby boy embrace cheek to cheek at park in Greeley

candid moment of family waling in park in Greeley Colorado

young girl looks at poster on tree at park in colorado

extended family portrait under trees at glenmere park in greeley colorado

mother and adult son have a candid hug under large trees at glenmere park

girl look on as father and toddler play in stream at greeley park

sibling family photo sitting on fence at park in colorado

father holds baby boy laughing and looking down at him at outdoor family portrait session

mother holds baby boy up in the air laughing as father looks on making funny face

mom and toddler daughter holding hands walking away at Park

brothers and sisters hangout at park in greeley as sun sets behind them

children run through shadowy trees at Glenmere Park

family portrait sitting on stone bench at Glenmere park

mother laughs at baby boy as she holds him in outdoor portrait in greeley

cute portrait of baby boy laying on blanket outside in colorado

baby boy wears plaid shirt and vest as he lays on blanket in Greeley Park

older woamn wearing blue and white leans against tree at Colorado park while looking off into distance smiling

young girl sits on rock wearing yellow shirt looking and smiling at camera at Greeley Park

outdoor family portrait of father, mother and toddler girl in Greeley Colorado

two young girls wearing yellow shirts chase geese during winter family photo shoot in Greeley Colorado

2 responses

  1. Anthony Lopez

    these are seriously some great pics. was that with your new camera?

    On Fri, Apr 19, 2013 at 12:31 PM, Jenae Lopez Photography– Colorado Wedding and Lifesty

    April 19, 2013 at 1:11 PM

    • thanks babe! Actually no, with the D700! 😉 which means even GREATER things to come with the new equipment!

      April 19, 2013 at 1:20 PM

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