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Double whammy! Rustic Picnic themed Styled Wedding Shoot and Engagement shoot!~ Morrison, CO~ Lair O’ the Bear Park

This was so much fun!

I have been wanting to do a little Styled Shoot for a while, so I got together with my friend Sarina Fields, at Haute Event Studio,  and told her to run with the idea of a shoot– and she came up with such a sweet and beautiful idea!  “An Orange Colored Sky” from the lyrics of one of her favorite songs!  So, we went with a rustic and intimate outdoor, orange (of course!) themed shoot for a faux wedding!  We did the shoot at Lair o’ the Bear Open Space just outside of Morrison, as it is one of my favorite places to shoot!  It is beautiful in the Winter, Fall, or warmer weather!!

Our Models were an actual couple of mine, that I have the privilege  of shooting their wedding at Willow Ridge Manor in August (beautiful Colorado Wedding venue!)!  I also happen to know them for years– so I asked them to do this favor for me, and we would do some Engagement portraits for them at the same time!!  gotta love the barter system! 😉  They are so pretty, aren’t  they!??  I love them both, and after looking at their pictures, I am even more smitten, and can’t wait to do their wedding in august!!  They are so much in love, and so sweet to each other— and they just seem to have so much fun together– I love it.

So, we played our fake wedding, and had a great time with all of Sarina’s decor and props!  We then headed down the trail a bit to get some more photos of just the two of them together!  The light was so pretty that day, and it was kinda nice actually because it would go from overcast, to sunny, and then into the beautiful sunset light…..gotta love Colorado!

without further a due….here we go!  Thanks to Sarina and Cody and Tanya– you guys all did fantastic!!

PS– Submitting our shoot for publication soon– hopefully we can inspire other Colorado Chic Brides for their own Wedding!  Stay Tuned for the full publication!

colorado mountain engagement photography

colorado styled wedding shoot photography

Morrison Colorado engagment and wedding photography

rustic outdoor picnic engagement photography colorado

picnic themed engagement photography Morrison

colorado styled wedding shoot orange theme

casual intimate outdoor engagement photography denver

Denver outdoor mountain engagement photographer

engagment photography next to river colorado

Tanya and Cody_8_Colorado outdoor engagement photography

Tanya and Cody_9_Colorado outdoor engagement photography

colorado engaged couple walking on trail with flowers and guitar in mountains

Tanya and Cody_10_Colorado outdoor engagement photography

Tanya and Cody_11_Colorado outdoor engagement photography

engaged couple drinks orange sodas at picnic table in mountains

purple orange and green wedding bouquet in colorado

Tanya and Cody_13_Colorado outdoor engagement photography

couple feeds each other orange cupcakes at outdoor mountain engagement photography shoot

Tanya and Cody_15_Colorado outdoor engagement photography

Tanya and Cody_16_Colorado outdoor engagement photography

Tanya and Cody_17_Colorado outdoor engagement photography

Tanya and Cody_18_Colorado outdoor engagement photography

Orange and dessert table details of colorado styled wedding photography shoot

couple leans against large mother tree at Lair o' the Bear park during mountain engagement pictures

Tanya and Cody_21_Colorado outdoor engagement photography

couple sits in the sunset ilght on a tree branch in the colorado mountains as girl tugs on smiling man's shirt

Tanya and Cody_23_Colorado outdoor engagement photography

colorado natural light portrait of engaged couple sitting on tree branch during sunset

vert 5


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