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A perfect little mountain-town family photo session!~ Sanders Family~ Lyons, Colorado

So….not only is this little dude one of the cutest little toddlers on the planet…I get to be his Aunty!!  Well…not by blood, but his mommy and I have been best friends since we were 11…so that pretty much makes me his Aunt!  Lucky us…little Jax is only 6 months younger than my boys, so we are totally stoked that they will grow up together!

When I first started taking photos, It was a bit awkward for me to do close family and friends sessions, because I always felt like I could just “take your picture anytime we hang out…”….but I soon found out, a.9 that never happens, and b.9 family and friends are dear to my heart, and deserve the same experience as all my clients!  So, I absolutely love when I get to share my passion with not only my new friends (new clients), but my oldest friends as well!

We met up in Lyons, which if you have never been…you must visit!  I am there often, as my parents live there now, but it is one of the cutest and perfectly located little mountain towns in Colorado! Right between Boulder and Estes Park…you can’t go wrong!  There are honestly too many places to take cute pictures there….I really need to start working full time out of Lyons! 😉

We started our session with a snack and local microbrew at Oskar Blues, and then headed out onto the Main street area, and then over to the river!  There is one specific Alley located right off Main street, that literally has every type of backdrop needed, in about 100 feet.  It’s awesome!

Jax did so well– and I loved getting to play with him and spend some time with him while not watching my own boys! 😉  Love you guys!  Enjoy!

(Watch out!   A few more pics than usual…I just felt compelled since they are family! 😉

toddler boy sitting in flowers in Lyons colorado 800_0018 800_0020 800_0021 800_0033 800_0039 800_0059 800_0096 800_0104 family photo in front of antique building in colorado 800_0120 800_0127 800_0130 laughing parents and toddler stand against old barnwood in Lyons Colorado photo of parents holding toddler boy upside down as they kiss in front of old barnwood and metal backdrop in Lyons Colorado 800_0157 800_0171 800_0174 800_0188 family sitting in field of grass and dandelions near Estes Park Colorado parents hold toddler boys hand on bridge in Lyons colorado 800_0200 black and white candid photo of parents with toddler boy playing by the river in colorado 800_0234 800_0240 800_0256 toddler boy peeks out of tunnel at park near Estes Park Colorado 800_0273 800_0276 800_0279 800_0285 candid laughing photo of toddler boy on playground in colorado 800_0292 800_0302 800_0317 800_0319


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