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What a pretty mama and daughter!~ Toddler and family photography~ Lyons, Colorado

Good God…I get to photograph some pretty sweet little kiddos!  When you look at little Edyn’s eyes…all you can say is “wowza!”  We had a great time walking along the St. Vrain River in Lyons!  My mom lives there– so it is a bit of a 2nd home for me– and I have been loving using it as a perfect photo spot in between Denver and my Northern Colorado peeps!  Lyons seriously has some fantastic places to do my style of family and kiddo shoots– the perfect blend of playing and photojournalism…but great natural backdrops and fun alleyways for a bit of “posed” portraits (as much as I do anyway!).  After Edyn was doing such a great job, we decided she deserve some Ice Cream!  Off to the local Parlour on Main Street– made for some fun candids for sure! 😉

The only drawback from the river/campground area in the summer is the darn tents and trashcans in the background!  Urgh!  I typically would probably not even deliver images with stuff like that in the background..but I thought some of them were some cute…I just had to!  Maybe I can do something about them anyway….we’ll see!

Thank you Meredith and Edyn (and Sue!) for letting me spend the morning with you beautiful ladies, and get to know Edyn a bit now that she is older!  She is such a stinkin’ cute 3-year old little lady!


3 year old girl sits next to river while smiling with flowers in Colorado 800_0928 800_0940 picture of toddler girl sits on small chair in tall grass with flowers in Lyons Colorado

Just testing the water…..


mom and daughter kiss on a rock in photojournalistic family photo session in Lyons Colorado 800_0991 mom and 3 year old daughter smile during photography session while sitting together on a rock next to the river in Lyons Colorado 800_1006 3 year old toddler girl makes smiles and puts hands on head while mom holds her next to River in Colorado

Don’t get too close!

Black and White photo of toddler girl next to river in Lyons colorado


toddler girl peeks out from behind a tree while taking photos near the river in Lyons Colorado

Seriously…look how cute she is!!


I’d kill for her eye-lashes……

photojournalistic picture of 3 year old girl smiling while wind blows in Lyons Colorado

Awe….Grandma love!!!

grandma and toddler girl hug at park during photography session in Lyons Colorado 800_1084 800_1121

C’mon Mom!!  The Park is this way!!

artistic photo of toddler girl pulling moms hand off pathway to the park in Lyons colorado 800_1139

I think this one is my favorite….Mom looks so pretty and happy…and it is just a quintessential look for a 3-year old– so realistic!


Ordering Ice Cream!

800_1212 black and white photo journalistic picture of toddler girl playing on a booth in Ice Cream Parlor in Lyons Colorado

And this is what happens after a 3-year old eats Ice Cream…..;)  goof ball!

800_1243 toddler girl poses and smiles while sitting next to blooming poppies in Colorado 800_1302

Always looking for a new angle….

photo journalistic and artistic picture of mom and daughter peeking out over bridge in Lyons Colorado


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