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Amber and Ethan are Married!~Wedding Photography~Estes Park, CO

Love love love.  I loved this wedding– everything about it!  After Amber and Ethan’s fun engagement shoot in Boulder last year, I couldn’t wait to do their wedding!!  They are both the sweetest and FUN people!  Amber is actually a very old friend of mine, and we hadn’t been in touch for many years, and then good ol’ Facebook re-united us! 😉  Needless to say, I was ecstatic to have the honor of shooting her wedding!  Love this lady– just a hoot!

They also happened to pick one of the prettiest Wedding Venue’s in Colorado (in my opinion!).  The Ceremony was held at The Black Canyon Inn, which looks out onto Stunning views Lumpy ridge in Estes Park.  The Reception was then held on the same grounds (although technically different venues), at The Twin Owls Steakhouse.  This is such a cool reception area– it is a wood/rustic looking dining area, with a separate balcony area with another room– and gives people great vantage points during the whole reception to be able to view all the events happening!  The ambiance and decor just fit what I think of when I think of Colorado Mountain Weddings!  The staff does a great job at both these places as well– thank you ladies!  This was my 2nd wedding at these venue’s….and I look forward to many more!

The weather was perfect, and we were even lucky enough to include a HUGE Elk that was just hanging out on the grounds, into some of our pics!  (although I’m pretty sure if it wasn’t used to humans,….I would’ve been trampled…definitely got a bit too close at one point….)

One of my favorite parts of Amber and Ethan’s reception was their Band– The 23!  All the way for Louisville Kentucky!  This is how they describe themselves (from their website)….”It’s a bluegrass attack fueled by high-octane rock-n-roll energy and triple-distilled oldtimey roots”.  They did a fantastic job and everyone had a blast!  One of the more popular songs of the Wedding season (so far) “Wagon Wheel”, was a hit for sure!

Beautiful day Amber and Ethan!  Thank you for letting me be a part of it!

(PS…I am trying out new blog collage software…..long post! 😉


Blog-Collage-1372178648230 Blog-Collage-1372178889891 Blog-Collage-1372179947826 Blog-Collage-1372180651383 Blog-Collage-1372182288819



One response

  1. Susan Miller

    Absolutely exquisite!!!! Love Ethan & Amber to death! Awesome photography…….you are a fantastic photagrapher!

    June 25, 2013 at 5:36 PM

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