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Little Olivia!~Newborn Photography~ Denver, CO

Little Olivia is just too presh….and is funny that she is so petite….because Daddy is one tall dude! 😉  Watch out!  She may grow up to be a supermodel with that cuteness and height in her genes!!

Mike (Dad) was an old friend from high school, that I had not seen since High school (won’t tell you how many years ago….double-digits though people….sheesh….), and had liked my business through Facebook…and here we are!  Funny story though, my brother actually went to school with Jeni (mama!), and had recommended me to her, and then Mike and Jeni were talking about it one night, and they decided to go with me (the me that Mike recommended) because he knew me…and turns out they were both talking about me!  Small world!!  Truly small, when you realize how many Newborn photographers there are out there!  So glad you guys chose me to document this truly special time for you– you are an AMAZING and strong family!!

Mike and Jeni actually have a truly amazing story that goes along with Olivia’s birth, and I hope to share it with you all with their permission!  In the meantime though, I wanted to get these gorgeous pics up for you all to “oooo and awwww” at!

Thank you Mike and Jeni!  Olivia is a beautiful little sweetie– I can’t wait to see her at her 6 month pics! 😉

newborn girl sleeping in wreath with yellow blanket around her 800_0011 DSC_0019 DSC_0023 DSC_0024 DSC_0027 800_0017 800_0023 DSC_0031 DSC_0033 DSC_0042 DSC_0052 800_0029 Newborn baby swaddled sleeping next to teddy bear DSC_0057 DSC_0058 sleeping newborn in basket with brick wall in the background during Denver newborn photo session 800_0057 laughing mother holding newborn baby 800_0068 800_0072 newborn baby swaddled and laying in front of guitar 800_0078 DSC_0082 DSC_0084 DSC_0098 creative balck and white portrait of newborn and mother 800_0100 800_0128 creative black and white colorado newborn photography of babies foot and mother in the background laughing


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