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KC and Ryan are Married! Part 1~ Colorado Mountain Wedding Photography~ Crested Butte, CO

KC and Ryan did it up right.  Absolutely perfect.

These are 2 of the most fun, kind, and interesting people– and I’m so lucky that they asked me to come be a part of their Wedding Weekend in Crested Butte (which happens to be my favorite mountain town in Colorado!)

The whole way I was driving there….I was just content and happy– knowing that this was my job— to go to beautiful locations, and photograph people in love.  Perfect.

When KC and I met up to chat about their weekend….we talked a lot about how it was more like a big weekend Party with all her friends and family….and not a traditional wedding.  I thought, “perfect!  I LOVE the more photo journalistic style anyway!  We are perfect for each other!”  I t wasn’t until I got to the 1st nights event (Welcome picnic…seen in this post), that I realized that KC was totally playing down all her organizational and cute/fun planning skills!  It was so beautiful, and well planned out!  It was still exactly what they wanted, a fun time with all their loved ones, but it definitely wasn’t as non-planned/detailed of a weekend as she led on!  Sneaky, sneaky!  Great job KC (and everyone that helped!!!)

This is part 1 of their weekend wedding in Crested Butte!  This is their Welcome Picnic that was held at Ted Scheske Park (otherwise known as the Wedding Garden, in crested Butte).  It was absolutely perfect for all the nieces and nephews and kiddos running around!  It is actually a Park…so there was plenty to do for all the kids!  They also had Lawn games out, complete with coolers, bug spray and sunscreen around the property!  The eating area was a large tented in pavilion with breathtaking views, and decorated so perfect with lights, Chinese lanterns, and simple garden-y type table decor!  The caterd dinner was a fully Vegetarian dinner…which seriously had me considering going veggie…complete with homemade Brew, Colorado Microbrews, IZZES, and other great beverages!  Catering was by Crested Butte Personal Chefs (Stacee Van Aernem).

Now, the best part of the night was the Smores!!  As the Sun went down, the fire pit started up…and the sugar overload for kids was in full swing!  So much fun!!  As night fell, the little paper lanterns that were adorning the stairwell to the Tent lit up…and they were so cool!!!  the perfectly bright and full (almost?) moon added the perfect touch!

Such a great night!  Stay tuned for Part 2!  Wedding day!!  (I will post a link to both parts on each blog post when part 2 is posted…for easy access to both posts!)


UPDATE:  Here is a link to their Wedding Day post!  Good stuff here guys! 😉

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2 responses

  1. bigjeff1

    Great experience. Great photographer.

    July 27, 2013 at 10:26 PM

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