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KC & Ryan~ Colorado Mountain Wedding Photography~ Crested Butte, CO

Part 2 of KC and Ryan’s Wedding weekend is here!

Follow this link to view their Crested Butte Wedding Garden Welcome Picnic, complete with a beautiful sunset, fun lawn games, and S’mores!

So, they decided to tie the knot in a gorgeous backyard ceremony that was literally surrounded by friends and family!  After a leisurely day of just hanging around Crested Butte– it sprinkled a bit, but then the weather held off beautifully!  Again, KC was so cute with all her fun and creative little details!  The best part of the ceremony in my opinion (aside from getting married!), was that a handful of friends were literally helping re-write their vows down for them minutes before the ceremony so that they could each hold their vows to say to each other….and a poem.  Such a feeling of community and love– it was awesome!  Then, actually I lied, my favorite part was when Ryan proceeded to run and jump into the Hot tub as they finished their poem/vows!  I don’t know Ryan really well– but apparently this was just classic Ryan (check out his Board shorts!) 😉

After the ceremony, everyone hung out at the house for a while (playing games, snacking, drinking, etc.), and then we all headed over to The Brick Oven Pizzeria in town!  KC and Ryan rode a tandem Bike there– it was pretty cute!  The staff and food and everyone was fabulous at the Restaurant (although many people in town on vacation looking for dinner were pretty upset that the restaurant was closed for just us!! lol!)!  It was a fantastic evening of great speeches, conversations, fun, silly photo-booth style pictures, and some last-minute breakout dancing!

I am so happy I was able to be apart of such a beautiful weekend!!  It was a blast– and an amazing weekend for everyone!  Thank you KC and Ryan– and congrats!!!!!

*** BEWARE!!  There are a lot of pictures on this post!  One of the most important things to KC and Ryan were just being with all their family and friends….so I really wanted to highlight more candids/guests in this post than usual….so that they could show family and friends! 😉

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