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Newborn Griffin….and his silly sister!~ Colorado Newborn and Toddler Photography~ Windsor, CO

Griffen is one cute little dude— and I was super stoked to get to meet him and do his Newborn pics!  I have known these kiddos mama since we were kids…and we hadn’t talked in probably 10 years– but once again, photography brought us together again!  love when that happens!  Seeing what old friends are up to…and their beautiful families…is awesome!

So, this was technically a Newborn shoot— but big sister was all about the pics and super silly and cute!!  Just couldn’t help myself!  However, she wouldn’t get quite close enough and hold it to get a close up pic of the 2 of them (she is quick!)– but we got a cute few of them on the dresser in the bedroom.  Got to just go with the flow with young kiddos! 😉

I love the cute posed Newborn shots (why I LOVE doing Newborn shoots)— however, usually my favorite images (with any type of shoot that I am doing) are the more “momentary” and photo journalistic style photos.  There were some great moments and more lifestyle type imagery from this session– love it!  This is actually the style that I like to portray to my clients– as I feel that with kiddos– the moments are everything!

We did the shoot at their beautifully remodeled home in Windsor, and it was a perfect location!  You guys did a great job on your home!  Thank you for letting me a part of this quickly-passing time in life!



An example of why I always have my camera ready…and snap even if the background isn’t ready, etc. Look at this smile!!

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