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Tanya and Cody are Hitched!~ Denver Mountain Wedding Photography~ Willow Ridge Manor, Morrison, CO

I was so excited for this wedding!  Tanya (or “T” as I call her…) go way back to literally grade school…and played soccer together for probably over 10 years together!  I have always just adored her and could not be more honored to be the one to do her Wedding photography!  As with many reunites of mine lately, Facebook kind of reconnected us– and I am grateful  I used to talk a lot of trash about Facebook (before I had my business)– and now I am so grateful for it!  (Random thought…)

I also knew Cody a bit from High school days…even though he went to our rival school– boo!  So it was good to get to know him again in our “adult years”.  I could not think of two more kind, fun, sweet and genuine people to get married– and you can just see how much they love each other and care about each other— no matter who is around!  The kind of people that you want to be around….because you feel like a better person….and just happy.

their Wedding was simply beautiful.  they tied the knot at the Willow Ridge Manor, which is a fantastic spot nestled in the foothills near Morrison.  They had done a bit of additions to the space since I had shot there last– and it looked great!  Lots of fun little details to shoot.  Tanya did a wonderful job with her decor and flowers choice, and she looked absolutely stunning in her dress!!  After the ceremony, she added a cute little feather to her hair– love!!

When it was time for pictures after the ceremony— the sun had already gone down, so no sunny field-y shots that I love— but we took a quick drive to the Mt. Falcon trailhead/Morrison Park just down the road… and got a few of them out in the tall grass!  Again…just so darn cute.  I’m pretty sure if I told Tanya she looked “so pretty” one more time….she would’ve had the right to punch me in the face….but she wouldn’t have…I hope….

The night progressed with some super cute dancing, cake cutting, a few toasts, and then one of my favorite moments…..Cody played guitar and sang to Tanya.  Seriously.  He is good.  Well done Cody, well done. 😉

Of course I had to jump in and grab a shot with them before I left….thanks to my Sharp shooter Second photog for the evening, Jenna Rice, for grabbing the pic and helping out all day!

Congrats you two!!!  Can’t wait to see what adventures await you!!

**LOTS of pics for this post….you have been warned! ;)**

Venue: Willow Ridge Manor

Flowers: Reale Decorating

Cake: Audrey Manson, Koala-T Cakes

Catering: Lifestyles Catering

Dress: Davids Bridal

DJ: A Music Plus


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