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The Coolest Maternity session. Period. ~ Denver Maternity Photography~ Denver, CO

I love this girl.  They are going to be the coolest and most fun parents!!  Tiff and Dan are hip, motorcycle lovin’, pin-up style wearin’, gardening cool peeps!  Random explanation…..

Anyway– I am so excited for them to become parents!  They just have such a great energy about them– you just want to be around them— I can’t wait to find out what their little “Hoot” (as they call their baby) is going to be!!  I’m sayin’ it now…I’m calling a boy!!  for no other reason than that is what came to mind first….and that I have boys…so it is all I can really identify with! lol!

I was super stoked that they wanted to play around a bit with pics– and weren’t afraid to have a little fun with the motorcycle and some off camera lighting!  fun stuff!  I love being able to create– and just do what I think will look cool!  This will hopefully become a more prominent theme in the months and years to come with this photog biz!

Anyway– we met up at their home in Denver, and took some cool tummy shots inside, (I fell in love with her yellow Japanese robe and the rice paper style windows they had!!)– and then went out back in the alley behind their house for some fun pics with the motorcycle!  Then as the sun st, we headed really quick to City Park to grab a few shots of them together in the park!  I had a random “creative” idea of doing a multiple exposure shot….see the results on the last image!  I had fun.  😉

Here we go!  Again, this is what you look like when you are a super happy, gorgeous,  and fun loving mama-to-be!

indoor Maternity portrait of woman laying down with bright off camera lighting Creative Denver Maternity Photograph of woman laying on bed with hands on stomach Colorado Maternity portrait with wedding ring in focus on belly and backlight Maternity photograph in Denver of woman in yellow japanese robe looking down at belly 800_0069 close up photo of womans hands around pregnant belly wearing a yellow robe Pregnant woman wearing leather jacket and sunglasses sitting on Motorcycle in Denver alley 800_0103 Creative lighting on Maternity photo session of woman standing in front of motorcycle wearing sunglasses in Colorado 800_0108 800_0110 800_0130 800_0138 woman leaning against motorcycle in Denver Alley during Maternity photograph session artistic and creative photo of woman looking at camera with 50's style glasses during Maternity photo session with bright backlighting 800_0153 pregnant woman on motorcycle looking back over shoulder with ultrasound picture in back pocket in Denver Colorado 800_0172 800_0185 800_0192 couple laughing and rubbing woman's pregnant belly at Denver City Park at twilight 800_0199 close up photo of couple holding hands and placed on pregnant belly during Maternity photograph session at City Park in Denver 800_0225 Laughing Pregnant woman and husband hold hands and walks through City Park during twilight, shot through leaves in the foreground 800_0235

composite photo of couple walking towards each other in Denver City Park


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