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Totally Sweet Fall engagement Sesh~ Colorado Fall Engagement Photography~ Golden Gate Park, CO.

Gosh– I am so lucky when it comes to super fun– laid back– silly and CUTE clients!!  Especially these two– although these two hold a dear spot in my heart– as they are life long best friends of ours!!  I also get the pleasure to photograph their Wedding in COSTA RICA in May!!  Yep…’s going to be killer.

I am really trying to encourage clients to be themselves in their shoots– and I really want to capture what it is that they love– and bring that into our sessions.  This could not be more true than with engagement photos.  You will see here– Kellen brought along his guitar– and we got some super cute pics of them with that– and then we headed to a little bar in Golden after our shoot– to grab a beer and chill a bit.  I know these two– and they are some of the funnest peeps out there– and Kellen actually brews beer at home– so I wanted to incorporate a little bit of their love for going out and beer ;). Just them being their fun selves!   mmmmm….beer.

Anywho– I think you will see that you really cannot hide their love for each other– as well as their silly, sweet, and unique personalities that make them perfect for each other!!  I Heart you guys!!  Can’t wait for the wedding!!

(Probably more pics than usual here….just had to be done with these two…..;)

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