Artistically Inspired Storyteller

Pretty Fall colors, and cute smiling faces~ Colorado Mountain Outdoor Family Photography~ Meyers Ranch Park, CO.

So, I am getting really behind on blogging– as the last month or 2 have been non-stop with sessions (woo-hoo!!)– but I wanted to get this one up simply for the fact that it is my bro and his family….and I seriously have the cutest nieces and nephews EVER.  I did a post a couple months back of my other Brother’s family….again, I am super blessed int he cute niece and nephew department! 😉  They each have even more beautiful personalities to match– all such sweet hearts!!  Karysa (little girl in these photos) and my boys are really close and they love each other so much– it is so cute to see them all together!!

Now, originally, we were going to do a Pre and post Zombie Apocalypse photo session….complete with Makeup and props, etc…..but time and logistics didn’t pan out this time.  So….maybe one day– that would be a blast!  I love my brother and sis-in-law….they are always up for doing fun and creative stuff (they had a Medieval Wedding!)– so I’m sure at some point we’ll get to do something pretty rad.

Here we go!  An abundance of pics….like I said….because I just heart their faces.

800_0043 800_0048 800_0061 800_0064 800_0066 800_0080 800_0085 800_0096 800_0100 800_0110 800_0115 800_0119 800_0121 800_0136 800_0140 800_0143 800_0145 800_0157 800_0168 800_0190 800_0198 800_0204 800_0224 800_0226 800_0233 800_0237 800_0269 800_0300 800_0309 800_0317 800_0330 800_0345 800_0353


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