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Shauna&Anthony~ Downtown Denver Wedding Photography~ Trinity Methodist Church and University Club~ Denver, CO

I feel like this could become a VERY long post…and I’m a bit overwhelmed…..I feel like I have gotten to know these two peeps so well in the last year!  Anthony called me a little over a year ago— and asked me about photographing his Proposal to his girlfriend….Shauna.  I was stoked– and thought it was such a fun and cool idea!!  I was honored to have been there to capture their moment– and then hangout with them the rest of that evening….and meet their family later on at Merle’s restaurant!  They both have such amazing families that are very welcoming– and above all– you can just see how much they adore each other!!    Here is a link to their Proposal photos as well…..

Obviously, I was totally excited to shoot their Wedding as well this November (the 2nd)!  Over the year of planning, I met with them a few times, and talked a lot through email, and helped Anthony with a super sweet and touching gift for Shauna on the Wedding day— so I really felt like I formed a bond with these two!  So….given that, I will keep this short– or I may ramble all day!

I am so happy for these two– and truly feel so honored to have been part of some of their big moments in life….and wish absolutely nothing but the best to them!!  Wonderful people!  Looking forward to photographing them again for their “next” big moments….whenever those may come 😉

Typically, I have been doing Wedding blog posts as “collages” to tell a story– mostly because there are simply a ton of photos.  However….I have decided that I want to just post some of my favorites here from the day….maybe no rhyme or reason to anyone else…just the pics that I love from the day for whatever reason.  This is my “journal” of sorts…and I was starting to feel like it was written for other reasons lately… I gotta be true to myself and continue to just post what truly inspires me and makes me happy!

So, here are Shauna and Anthony…and their beautiful Day in Denver!  Thank you again Shauna and Anthony– best wishes to you both!!

Wedding Venue:  Trinity Methodist Church, Denver CO.

Reception Venue:  Denver University Club

800_0513 800_0517 800_0521 800_0548 800_0556 DSC_0018 800_0571



800_0581 800_0583 800_0595 800_0603 800_0604 800_0606 DSC_0025 DSC_0027 800_0621 DSC_0031

IMG_1229DSC_0035 800_0643 800_0647 800_0651 800_0656 800_0658 800_0663 800_0665 800_0672 800_0685 800_0703 800_0706 800_0711 800_0720 800_0832 800_0849 800_0855 800_0885 DSC_0129 DSC_0131 800_0912 800_0914 DSC_0135 800_0929 DSC_0143 800_0953 800_0986 800_0996 800_0999 800_1008 800_1021 DSC_0149 800_1071



800_1078 800_1088 800_1090 800_1093 800_1158 800_1178 800_1184

unique wedding photo of bride and groom kissing with wedding party blurred walking in background in Denver

800_1217 800_1225 800_1247 800_1264 800_1274 800_1294 800_1299 800_1302 800_1306 800_1321 800_1328 800_1349 800_1370 800_1429 800_1442 800_1451 DSC_0188 DSC_0191 800_1505 800_1515 800_1521 800_1534 800_1626 800_1649 800_1659 800_1700 800_1712 800_1721 800_1722 800_1743 800_1774 800_1786 800_1817 800_1827 800_1852 800_1861 800_1882 800_1883 800_1885 800_1898 800_1915 800_1944 800_1947 800_1963 800_1986 800_2019 800_2022


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