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A bit behind in blogging! A recent Newborn mash-up!~ Colorado Newborn Photography

So….I am hugely behind in blogging session from the last few months of 2013…and now into 2014…yikes!  I was insanely busy recently– woo-hoo!— but now I am realizing that My poor little blog has suffered ;(

Anyway– here is a little mashup of a few newborn kiddos I did recently…..(stay tuned a bunch more lined up for this month already!).  Such sweet little boys!  they all did a wonderful job and were fantastic babies!  However, I am getting the urge to photograph a little girl!!  So many little boys recently!  What has been in the water!?  Oh wait…I get to meet a little girl later this week!

So here are a few shots of Peter, Wyatt and Connor!  Denver, Erie, and Loveland babies!!  (and their beautiful families!!!)

1st up, Peter and the Swisher family!  You may remember their family/Maternity pics right before baby came…you can check that post out here….

800_0001 800_0039 800_0047 800_0059 800_0096 800_0104 800_0125 800_0182 800_0217 800_0233 800_0243 800_0272 800_0289 800_0292 800_0300 800_0374 800_0384 800_0410

Cute right??  Alrighty…now here is Wyatt!!  (and notably big brother Liam…who I did his Newborn photos a few years ago!  I love that!)

800_0006 800_0048 800_0056 800_0076 800_0107 800_0125 800_0150 800_0168 800_0187 800_0210 800_0224 800_0239 800_0297 800_0299 800_0314 800_0322 800_0372 800_0381 800_0400

And most recently….little Connor!  This little man was seriously such an easy babe to photograph!  Slept the whole time!  Pretty rare! 😉  Good job little buddy– hopefully you’re still doing that for Mom and Dad!

800_0017 800_0025 800_0042 800_0059 800_0065 800_0089 800_0098 800_0129 800_0145 800_0154 800_0173 800_0185 800_0193 800_0203 800_0217 800_0229 800_0234 800_0245 800_0251


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