Artistically Inspired Storyteller

In-home candid Mama-to-be!~ Denver Lifestyle Maternity Photography~ Denver, CO

This is Lauren.  She is gorgeous and fun and a fantastic Hair stylist professional!

Lauren is having a baby– (actually, as I write this, she already had HER…and I already took pretty pics of the precious bundle!!  More on that later….)– and she looks fantastic in her final weeks!

We did a really fun and informal sesh in their cool home in Denver– and then went out is the frigid cold for literally, like, 6 minutes, to grab a few pics of Lauren looking very fashion-y and awesome!  She pulled out her fur coat and was like, “should we get some with this coat?”– and I was like, um, yep.

I love sessions where I get to just document candid moments, capture the essence of what life really is for people (in their home, etc.), but then also get to be a bit creative and have fun with artsy-type photos!  (What a horrible description!lol!  I need to go read a dictionary….)

Anywho– here’s Lauren and her lil’ fam!

If you need a good hairstylist, let me know and I would be happy to refer you! 😉

Denver_lifestyle_maternity-1 Denver_lifestyle_maternity-2 Denver_lifestyle_maternity-3 Denver_lifestyle_maternity-4 Denver_lifestyle_maternity-5 Denver_lifestyle_maternity-6 Denver_lifestyle_maternity-7 Denver_lifestyle_maternity-8 Denver_lifestyle_maternity-9 Denver_lifestyle_maternity-10 Denver_lifestyle_maternity-11 Denver_lifestyle_maternity-12 Denver_lifestyle_maternity-13 Denver_lifestyle_maternity-14 Denver_lifestyle_maternity-15 Denver_lifestyle_maternity-16 Denver_lifestyle_maternity-17 Denver_lifestyle_maternity-18 Denver_lifestyle_maternity-19 Denver_lifestyle_maternity-20 Denver_lifestyle_maternity-21 Denver_lifestyle_maternity-22 Denver_lifestyle_maternity-23 Denver_lifestyle_maternity-24 Denver_lifestyle_maternity-25 Denver_lifestyle_maternity-26 Denver_lifestyle_maternity-27 Denver_lifestyle_maternity-28 Denver_lifestyle_maternity-29 Denver_lifestyle_maternity-30 Denver_lifestyle_maternity-31 Denver_lifestyle_maternity-32 Denver_lifestyle_maternity-33 Denver_lifestyle_maternity-34


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