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Malin is 6 Months and totally adorable~ Baby and Family photography~ Ft. Collins, CO

This girl really had no other option but being cute— just look at her parents– wowza!  Seriously though, Malin is just about one of the most adorable little babies I have ever seen!  I was lucky enough to get to do her Newborn photos, as well as Mary’s Maternity photos as well….I just love when I get to see these little kiddos grow!

The weather was super windy up in Ft. Collins (go figure…..), and pretty cold, so we snagged a couple quick ones outside, and then headed inside their beautiful home to grab some more studio style shots!  Malin was so cute just giggling and smiling and totally obliging with anything we put her in!  Just the best.

Can’t wait to see what this little one does at her 1 year session!  I bet she’ll be walking for sure!

Fort-collins-6-month-baby-photos-1 Fort-collins-6-month-baby-photos-2 Fort-collins-6-month-baby-photos-3 Fort-collins-6-month-baby-photos-4 Fort-collins-6-month-baby-photos-5 Fort-collins-6-month-baby-photos-6 Fort-collins-6-month-baby-photos-7 Fort-collins-6-month-baby-photos-8 Fort-collins-6-month-baby-photos-9 Fort-collins-6-month-baby-photos-10 Fort-collins-6-month-baby-photos-11 Fort-collins-6-month-baby-photos-12 Fort-collins-6-month-baby-photos-13 Fort-collins-6-month-baby-photos-14 Fort-collins-6-month-baby-photos-15 Fort-collins-6-month-baby-photos-16 Fort-collins-6-month-baby-photos-17 Fort-collins-6-month-baby-photos-18 Fort-collins-6-month-baby-photos-19 Fort-collins-6-month-baby-photos-20 Fort-collins-6-month-baby-photos-21 Fort-collins-6-month-baby-photos-22 Fort-collins-6-month-baby-photos-23 Fort-collins-6-month-baby-photos-24 Fort-collins-6-month-baby-photos-25


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