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Baby Eleanor is here..and totally gorgeous!~ Denver Newborn Photography~ Denver, CO

So, if you remember, I did Lauren’s Maternity photos just recently….and so it is easy to see where little Eleanor (Elle) gets her beauty!  She was just totally cute and cuddly…I loved it!

Big brother Declan (who is also ridiculously cute!!) did an awesome job as my assistant (and we were able to talk him into a few sibling shots)– and Aunt and Dad and Mom helped as well!  I just love their home…very victorian and antique style, and loved that we got a lot of lifestyle type photos as well as cute posed ones!  These are the moments people!!

Out of respect for Lauren, I won’t post any of the baby-feeding pics…just know that they were some of my favs…such a cool experience to be a mom.

Here is baby Elle!  Woo-hoo!

Denver_girl_newborn_photography_29 Denver_girl_newborn_photography_28 Denver_girl_newborn_photography_26 Denver_girl_newborn_photography_25 Denver_girl_newborn_photography_24 Denver_girl_newborn_photography_23 Denver_girl_newborn_photography_22 Denver_girl_newborn_photography_21 Denver_girl_newborn_photography_20 Denver_girl_newborn_photography_19 Denver_girl_newborn_photography_18 Denver_girl_newborn_photography_17 Denver_girl_newborn_photography_16 Denver_girl_newborn_photography_15 Denver_girl_newborn_photography_13 Denver_girl_newborn_photography_12 Denver_girl_newborn_photography_11 Denver_girl_newborn_photography_10 Denver_girl_newborn_photography_9 Denver_girl_newborn_photography_8 Denver_girl_newborn_photography_7 Denver_girl_newborn_photography_6 Denver_girl_newborn_photography_5 Denver_girl_newborn_photography_4 Denver_girl_newborn_photography_3 Denver_girl_newborn_photography_2 Denver_girl_newborn_photography_1


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