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Baby Jaxtin is here!~ Colorado Newborn Photography~ Ft. Collins, CO

This little man is just beautiful.  I mean, I know you are suppose to call boys handsome and whatnot….but he is truly beautiful.

I am a bit in love with Amanda’s (mama) Red Rocks Maternity shoot from a few months back– and was super stoked to meet their little man!  He was just a fantastic little model– and did a great job with his shoot!  Mama and dad were there helping the whole time– and we also snagged some pics of Grandma and Grandpa (and doggy ;)!

His nursery was totally cute– and I was in love with the big bright windows and Canvas pics!  It was so bright and cheery!

Needless to say– here is the lil’ guy being totally adorable.

Fort-collins-6-month-baby-photos-24 Fort-collins-6-month-baby-photos-23 Fort-collins-6-month-baby-photos-22 Fort-collins-6-month-baby-photos-21 Fort-collins-6-month-baby-photos-20 Fort-collins-6-month-baby-photos-19 Fort-collins-6-month-baby-photos-18 Fort-collins-6-month-baby-photos-17 Newborn baby and dad with cowboy hat Fort-collins-6-month-baby-photos-15 Fort-collins-6-month-baby-photos-14 Fort-collins-6-month-baby-photos-13 Fort-collins-6-month-baby-photos-12 Fort-collins-6-month-baby-photos-11 Fort-collins-6-month-baby-photos-10 Fort-collins-6-month-baby-photos-9 Fort-collins-newborn-baby-photo-5 Fort-collins-6-month-baby-photos-7 Fort-collins-6-month-baby-photos-6 Fort-collins-6-month-baby-photos-5 Fort-collins-newborn-baby-photo-4 Fort-collins-newborn-baby-photo-3 Fort-collins-newborn-baby-photo-2 Fort-collins-newborn-baby-photos-1


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