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Tiff and Zach are Engaged!~ Colorado Mountain Winter Engagement Photography~ Evergreen, CO

I love these two.  I have actually know Tiff for a long time– we were little whipper-snapper soccer players together way back in the day– as well as friends!  This is one of those stories that I have to give Facebook credit for– as we reconnected a couple years ago because of it’s magic powers.  I started doing photos of their ADORABLE little girl in the last couple years– and now that it is time for them to officially tie the knot– I’m so happy to say that I get to be the one to document it for them!  They are getting’ hitched at the beautiful Willow Ridge Manor in Morrison this Spring!

We had a VERY chilly Winter day in the mountains for our session (between Morrison and Evergreen)– but they sucked it up and we still got some super cute photos!!  I love the frost on the Pine trees– and the Fog that was rolling in!  I like Winter sessions because even though you sometimes don’t get the sunny skies and bright colors– it is a much different look then what the Wedding photos will look like– so it’s nice to have variety!

So- here we are!  My little snow bunny couple! 😉

Evergreen-colorado-winter-engagement-photos-1 Evergreen-colorado-winter-engagement-photos-2 Evergreen-colorado-winter-engagement-photos-3 Evergreen-colorado-winter-engagement-photos-4 Evergreen-colorado-winter-engagement-photos-5 Evergreen-colorado-winter-engagement-photos-6 Evergreen-colorado-winter-engagement-photos-7 Evergreen-colorado-winter-engagement-photos-8 Evergreen-colorado-winter-engagement-photos-9 Evergreen-colorado-winter-engagement-photos-10 Evergreen-colorado-winter-engagement-photos-11 Evergreen-colorado-winter-engagement-photos-12 Evergreen-colorado-winter-engagement-photos-13 Evergreen-colorado-winter-engagement-photos-14 Evergreen-colorado-winter-engagement-photos-15 Evergreen-colorado-winter-engagement-photos-16 Evergreen-colorado-winter-engagement-photos-17 Evergreen-colorado-winter-engagement-photos-18 Evergreen-colorado-winter-engagement-photos-19 Evergreen-colorado-winter-engagement-photos-20 Evergreen-colorado-winter-engagement-photos-21 Evergreen-colorado-winter-engagement-photos-22 Evergreen-colorado-winter-engagement-photos-23 Evergreen-colorado-winter-engagement-photos-24 Evergreen-colorado-winter-engagement-photos-25


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