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Defying the Wind….Colorado Mountain Maternity Photography~ Evergreen, CO

I can handle a lot of different types of weather….snow, rain, heat, etc…..but WIND…..we do not have a good relationship.  I pretty much loathe it.  It stems from playing soccer for years, and it was not a great component to the game.  Then, having long hair will just irritate you in the wind as well…like a hair typhoon on top of your head.  So, when I ventured into Photography– I quickly noticed again that this element would suck with hair, etc.

So, long story short, we had a gorgeous day in Evergreen for this family/maternity shoot– and I was so psyched because it was sunny and fairly warm!  Then….the damn wind started up.  Really?  Hair flying, eyes watering, etc.  I quickly realized that our original location (open field with mountains in background, etc..) was not going to work.  So we jumped back in the cars and headed to a more tree dense area to shelter the wind a bit!  I was stoked to find a great spot!  Thanks Three-Sisters Park 1st trailhead!

This super cute lil’ family is anxiously awaiting their new member of the family that is very soon to come!!  Tara (mama) actually found out the gender the week before by accident…and she revealed to the family that day…but I am not posting those photos as she still wants to keep it a secret from extended family! 😉  I was just in love with little Brielle (not sure if I spelled that right!)– who I kept calling “Brinlee” for some reason…apparently I need to have a little girl and name her Brinlee.  Sorry guys. 😉

I am so excited for them! woohoo!  Tara holds a special place in my heart…as she is one of my boys preschool teachers!  We will miss her when she is on her leave!  Congrats!!

Evergreen_Sunny_Maternity_Photography-1 Evergreen_Sunny_Maternity_Photography-2 Evergreen_Sunny_Maternity_Photography-3 Evergreen_Sunny_Maternity_Photography-4 Evergreen_Sunny_Maternity_Photography-5 Evergreen_Sunny_Maternity_Photography-6 Evergreen_Sunny_Maternity_Photography-7 Evergreen_Sunny_Maternity_Photography-8 Evergreen_Sunny_Maternity_Photography-9 Evergreen_Sunny_Maternity_Photography-10 Evergreen_Sunny_Maternity_Photography-11 Evergreen_Sunny_Maternity_Photography-12 Evergreen_Sunny_Maternity_Photography-13 Evergreen_Sunny_Maternity_Photography-14 Evergreen_Sunny_Maternity_Photography-15 Evergreen_Sunny_Maternity_Photography-16 Evergreen_Sunny_Maternity_Photography-17 Evergreen_Sunny_Maternity_Photography-18 Evergreen_Sunny_Maternity_Photography-19 Evergreen_Sunny_Maternity_Photography-20 Evergreen_Sunny_Maternity_Photography-21 Evergreen_Sunny_Maternity_Photography-22 Evergreen_Sunny_Maternity_Photography-23 Evergreen_Sunny_Maternity_Photography-24 Evergreen_Sunny_Maternity_Photography-25 Evergreen_Sunny_Maternity_Photography-26 Evergreen_Sunny_Maternity_Photography-27 Evergreen_Sunny_Maternity_Photography-28 Evergreen_Sunny_Maternity_Photography-29 Evergreen_Sunny_Maternity_Photography-30


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